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Shipping and Receiving

We know that your skins are the most vital part to your business so we make our shipping and receiving process straight forward. It's important that your skins are taken care of from the time they are shipped to the time you get them back, and we do our best to make sure that happens.


Simply ship us your skins via UPS, FedEx, or Spee-dee (Refrain from using USPS when shipping frozen skins). Make sure to bag separately and mark all capes with any

information you need to identify the skin. It’s perfectly fine to tag the outside of the bag, just remember that this is a wet process, so please shy away from writing on the bags or using paper tags.  We will also give them our own tag identifier that we attach to each skin when processed. Fill out our                           and send them with your skins, then relax while we do the work. 

We ask that you fill out all paperwork prior to shipping, this includes the shipping form and a detailed customer list. We want to do our best at keeping your capes together so that starts with having as much detailed information as possible at the beginning of the process. Our forms can be located by clicking the button above.


We also accept salted skins which will be processed the same way, except for the detail shaving. Before shipping salted skins make sure they are dried completely with no damp spots.

When your project is completed we will call you with an invoice and ship upon payment. We accept check by mail, debit/credit card, or money order. There are monthly storage fees for unpaid invoices once you have been notified of an open invoice. We also assume the right to claim any fully-unpaid invoices as of 90 days after initial notification. If you would like special instruction as to where to ship please let us know before your payment is processed.

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