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Wet Tan

Stretched Deer Cape
Thin Shaved Cape

This is our most popular service with close to 90% of what our customers request. We do all of the work for you. Just send your skins in and get them back almost mount-ready.

When you chose to send us your frozen skins your part is easy, simply skin them off of the head or carcass, bag them, tag them and freeze them. We take care of everything from the turning and salting all the way through tanning. We also pay special attention to detail in the turning and shaving processes leaving you minimal prep work. We know you want to work with limp stretchy skins, and with our detailed shaving and oiling, that's exactly what you'll get. Your skins will get maximum stretch and little to no shrinkage, and the workability of the skins will help to improve your mounting times.

Our experienced shavers will make sure that your capes are shaved thin. We have over 20 years of experience of shaving thousands of hides a year and our detail is second to none. We pay careful attention to thin down the neck and the face leaving you with a finished cape that's near-mount ready. Again, turnaround time on most wet tan capes is 3-4 months, but that extends later in the year to

4-6 months.


We also do salted skins for a reduced price, however, we do not detail around the mouth, nose, or eyes on salted skins. You may request this on your shipping form if you wish for a extra charge.


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