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Our years of experience have taught us that taxidermists want a place that can handle all of their needs. As a full-scale tannery we offer many different types of services for our customers.


Our Wet Tan service is the most popular option for taxidermist who want to mount a great cape. Our turnaround time on most capes is 3-4 months early in the season. After the first of the year turnaround times get extended due to the heavy influx of work. The Dry Tan service has been growing and every year especially with our exotics and cow hides. We offer Pickup dates throughout the year in certain states to save you on shipping costs which can be pricy. We also have requests for Rush services if you need to get your hides mounted quickly. 

Other services offered include skull cleaning/bleaching, and rugging with felt trim or backing.

*Note that we do work only for registered and licensed taxidermists*


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