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Dry Tan

Our dry tanning process is growing in popularity. And really, why shouldn’t it? This is possibly the easiest money maker for our customers. We can do your raw frozen flats or we can tan salted skins as well. We put them through an in-depth, post-pickle process, that includes oiling our skins with a specific blend of oils, and then drying and tumbling them in sawdust to achieve a blanket like softness. These skins are then brushed and cleaned before bagging so you can have a ready-to-go skin when you receive it. 


We have the ability to do large flat skins like cows, steer, buffalo, and elk. Most large flat skins are priced by square foot. We also do a number of critters like otter, coyote, fox, beaver, raccoon, and others. Please specify on the shipping form what skins you would like dry tanned before sending them. Also note that dry tan skins take approximately 6 months for turnaround from the time they are received.


We use a large industrial sized tumbler to make sure that skins get consistently softened. We also mix in a special cleaning agent that cleans the fur of the skin and prevents any reside or buildup, and leaves your skins soft all over.

Brown and White Spotted Cow
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