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It's In The Detail

One of the most asked questions we get as a tannery is, "Do you offer detailed shaving?" Of course the answer is yes but the next question is why is that so important to a taxidermist?

Less Work = More Time

We have been in the taxidermy industry for almost thirty years so we know what it takes to mount a good cape. For the art of taxidermy it's no different than any other industry, the less work you have to put in, the better. That is after all why the tannery industry was created. As a tannery we understand that you as a taxidermist want a more complete product to work with. Just as no one wants to get their new Realtree hoodie and still have to finish sewing on the hood, we want our customers to get their capes back as close to mount-ready as possible. And when you spend less time on your prep work, that means you have the opportunity to produce more mounts.

Thin Is In

After shaving almost everyday for now over sixteen years I understand that a properly shaved cape is a thin cape, and that is the other part of why detailed shaving is vital. When a cape is shaved thin to where you can see that blueish tint that's when maximum stretch can be achieved and lead to a much more detailed finished product. With all the different forms that are out there you have your pick of some very detailed ones. And after all the claying and tucking a detailed shaved face is going to make those lines and curves pop. Detail is something we specialize in at Microtan and although it takes time to learn and master it is worth the time. If you process and tan your own capes detail them as much as possible, because the work that you do on the front end will help you achieve an awesome finished mount.

Here's some proof:


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